MADE TO ORDER Canvas Lace-Ups

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  • Shoe designs are drawn by hand
  • Turn around is typically 1-2 weeks depending on the project
  • Shoes are machine washable, waterproof and life ready when received
  • This is my lost cost option for those who want a pair of custom shoes but don't want to expense of a more name brand shoe.
  • Only done in whole sizes. If you are a half size I recommend going to the whole size below. 


  1. Once your selected pair of shoes are in your cart there will be a box where you can type in desired color, designs, ideas etc
  2. I will typically reach out to the customer to finalize ideas and give a time frame of when I expect to be done with the shoes
  3. Once shoes are completed they will be shipped (or picked up locally)
  4. Take out of box and wear!